5 must-have skincare products for the winter season

Winter is right around the corner and as pretty as the season of snow can be, it isn’t kind to your skin. The cold weather brings low humidity and dry, flaky skin. Your face loses its moisture! Also, let’s not forget that the skin functions as a protective layer for your body. So, if it’s unhealthy, it’ll be unable to perform its usual functions as well. You’ll be exposed to harmful sunlight, bacteria, and viruses. 

Cold weather compromises your skin health and might even trigger serious dermatological conditions such as eczema, which has dry, reddish, and itchy patches on the skin, and xerosis, dry skin. Therefore, winter skin care is one of the most essential steps you need to take during winter! 

There are certain skincare products for the winter season that you absolutely need in your winter skin care! So, here’s a checklist for you! 


Moisturisers have always been recommended by dermatologists for every skin type. And they’re must-haves for the winter considering the cold breeze sucks the moisture out of you! If you have sensitive skin, pick a moisturiser that doesn’t contain lanolin or fragrance. Apply some moisturiser on wet skin after you take a shower so that the moisturiser traps the surface water. This is the most important product in the list of skincare products for the winter season. 

Faces Canada offers some of the most hydrating moisturisers that you need to add to your winter skincare routine. The Hydro Face Moisturiser is designed specifically to hydrate your skin. It treats sensitive and dry skin improves the texture and tone and also contains SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun! Another product that you can use is the Peaches N Cream Tinted Moisturiser which gives you a natural, light glow if you feel like you’ve lost yours during winter. 


 You obviously want to wash your face during winter to ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate. However, too much cleansing causes the skin’s natural moisture to fade. So, you need to wash your face with mild face washes so that your skin stays smooth. You should also scrub your body with gentle scrubs to protect it. 

You can use the Pink Aloe Vera Ultra Hydrating Facewash to make your skin feel and look young and healthy. It eliminates the stubborn, deep-rooted dust and makes you feel fresh. Some other skin care products for the winter season from Face Canada that you can try include the Epic Skin Facewash, Urban glow clarifying creamy foaming cleanser, and the Urban balance daily cleansing mousse. 

Pro-tip: If you have itching during winter, then it’s best if you take shorter baths with lukewarm water. Use a non-irritating scrub for this. You can add Faces Canada’s Bath N Body Milk & Honey Body Scrub to your winter skincare to ensure deep cleansing without any effect on your natural moisturisers. 


Winter sun harms your skin as much as the summer sun. So, you need sun-protection sunscreen in your winter skincare routine. Use sun protection that has SPF 15 or more so that you can stay outdoors for longer. 

Facial Oils 

You need occlusives (basically oils and waxes) on your skin. These oils will make a layer on the skin and block any water from escaping. Faces Canada offers the Urban balance 6-in-1 Skin Miracle facial oil to aid all your winter skincare needs. You get a kick-start to restore your natural glow! 

Face Masks 

The low temperature and humidity cause skin problems. You need to draw out the deep-rooted impurities. Faces Canada offers the Tan Be Gone! De Tan Skin Brightening Clay Mask will clean all the impurities and protect your skin from the sun too.

Now that you know all the essential skin care products for the winter season, you can start planning ahead! Understand how you can use these products properly. Some other ways in which you can enhance your skincare routine during the winter is by adding retinol and hyaluronic acid to your skin. Also, eating a nutritious diet will take you a long way!

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